Food Drive

What is the deal with the food donation thing I heard about?

Together with Feed My Sheep Food Shelf, we are giving away prizes to individuals and teams that donate the most pounds of food! Clean out those cupboards and give to a great cause!

Where is the Annual Breakfast held, what time does it start and how much does it cost?

Brother’s Bar & Grill at 430 1st Avenue North in Downtown Minneapolis. Breakfast will be at 10:00 AM.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to bring a putter or golf ball?

NO. We have you covered!

Do we need to have a costume and bring a gallery to have fun or be a part of the event?

NO. While bringing friends and wearing a costume adds to the spirit of the day, you will have a blast either way!

Does everyone on the team have to be 21 in order to participate?

YES. It is MANDATORY that all team members sign a release form stating that they are over the age of 21 and that they accept responsibility for any damages incurred to a host location should they not be 21.

How many people are on a team and what happens if I want to register but don’t have a team yet?

Teams are made up of 4 players of your choosing. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE YOUR TEAM DETERMINED THE DAY YOU REGISTER. YOU CAN REGISTER BY YOURSELF AND DETERMINE THE TEAM MEMBERS LATER. DISCLAIMER: There is a deadline to have your team submitted. Failure to meet the deadline or cancel your registration will result in the loss of your entry fee.

Post Party

What time does the post party start and what time does it end?

The post party begins at 6:00 PM and ends at 10:00 PM.

Where is the Post Party, is there a cover and what all goes on there?

The Official Pub & Putt Post Party takes place at historic First Avenue nightclub in downtown Minneapolis. At the party, DINNER WILL BE SERVED TO PARTICIPANTS. Sorry gallery members, you’ll have to fend for yourselves prior to arriving. You can also count on great live music, prizes, awards, and of course the “Costume Cage Match!”

The Course

How long will it take for me to play 9 holes?

Anywhere from 5-6 hours. We will be shutting down the course at 6:15 PM sharp! It is up to you to finish the course within the allotted time.

How many holes do I play and do I have a choice as to where I begin?

You will play 9 holes which are assigned to your team, you will also have an order in which you need to play the holes. We will tell you where to begin as well and unfortunately we cannot take requests as to where you will begin.

I have a bunch of friends playing in the event, can I begin at the same hole as them?

YES. We will email you before the event taking requests for starting location pairings. You can only ask to start with other teams – they must confirm it.

Where are the holes?
Brother’s Bar & Grill
7th Street Entry
The Depot
Kieran’s Irish Pub
Hubert’s Bar & Grill
Cowboy Jack’s
Imperian Room
Jackson’s Hole
Sneak Pete’s
Gay 90’s
Lyon’s Pub
Mason’s Bar & Grill
Where should we park downtown and if I want to stay at a hotel the night of the event, where should I stay?

There is plenty of available parking. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! We are negotiating a rate with a close hotel and will update this section as soon as it is finalized.