Your team’s action-packed day begins downtown at 10:30 AM for our annual City Pages food drive. Team members and competitors alike can compete for prizes based on biggest donations. Participants in our food drive are treated to a complimentary lunch!
After lunch, your team will check in and report to a pre-designated starting hole. Here, the team will be given their scorecard.
To ensure that your team gets to enjoy every hole, we encourage “Hurry-Up Play.” This means, for example, if your first person putts and gets a score of 4, the second person putts a 3, and if the third and fourth person cannot sink the putt in 3 strokes they would pick up their golf balls and be done.
After your team plays a total of 9 holes, the scores are tallied and you are all set to report to the 19th hole for a GREAT post party!
Don’t want to golf, but still want to be part of the action? No problem! As a spectator you can cheer your favorite foursome on while enjoying the SAME GREAT DRINK SPECIALS that the participants get! Whether you are a participant or spectator, bring the biggest gallery you can!



The Pub & Putt Country Club is composed of bars and restaurants within a 3-block radius of 1st Avenue and 5th Street


Your team’s greens fees cover a number of items, below is a list of what you get:
  • Entry for four (4) into the event
  • Entry to the official post party
  • Dinner for four (4) at the post party
  • Four (4) official Pub & Putt leather koozies
  • Food & drink specials throughout the course
  • A chance to win great prizes!


Location: Corner of 1st Avenue and 5th Street
Time: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
We are aiming to make the 9th Annual City Pages Lunch and Food Drive bigger and better than ever before! We want to obliterate last year’s already impressive record of 1,600 pounds. This year we are shooting for 2,400!
Participants and spectators will be split into two different divisions to square off and see who can donate the most!



Location: First Avenue Nightclub

Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

After your team walks off the course, you will be heading to Minneapolis’ most historic nightclub for dinner, live music, awards, and of course the “Costume Cage Match!”

This party NEVER disappoints!


Every year we work to put on the highest quality event we can and to make the biggest impact in the community in which we live. In order to do this we have relied on the generosity of various organizations in the Twin Cities, and this year is no different!
Please feel free to follow the link below to learn more about how YOU can be a part of the event. No level of interest is too small, and heck, if you already participate, why not get noticed for it!